Why Silk Screening?

Silk Screening is the most affordable print process on clothing (tee shirts, sweatshirts, sweat pants . . .)  in quantities of 24 or more.  You can create crisp, long lasting images in single or multiple colors.  The process is great for reunions, casual work apparel, athletic teams, special events . . . promoting a new service or product.

What type of artwork?

Vector art is the industry standard.  The preferred formats are Corel Draw (cdr) and Adobe Illustrator (ai).  Full size, single color, high resolution (300 dpi - dots per inch) images are next best (such as a jpg, tif, or PhotoShop - psd).  The better the artwork, the better the final product.

Need help with artwork?

If  you do not have the required artwork formats, we can help create them for you.